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Warehousing and Storage

At Save Himalayan Cargo, we ensure the safe arrival of your products globally with our efficient Warehouse and Inventory Management system. Global Control, Local Care: Our integrated inventory management system offers worldwide control, empowering customers to redistribute cargo efficiently. We specialize in containerized and hazardous materials, reducing cycle time and ensuring constant product availability.

Our Comprehensive Solutions:

Pick / Pack Services:

Efficient pick/pack services for streamlined logistics.

De-stuff / Palletize:

Expert handling to optimize storage space.

Bulk Stack and Storage:

Secure facilities for bulk and specialized goods.

Key Features:

Customized Distribution:

SHC coordinates your distribution network, providing flexibility to release goods as per your preferences

Smooth Cargo Transition:

We ensure a smooth transition throughout the transport cycle with outstanding customer service

Warehousing Highlights:

  • Inventory Management and Control
  • Order Processing, Inbound and Outbound
  • Re-packaging, Labeling, and Quality Control
  • Cross-docking / Flow Distribution
  • Control Checks on Entry & Exit of Goods
  • Temperature controlled storage for relevant items.

Experience hassle-free warehousing with Save Himalayan Cargo, offering warehouse services with insurance facility and physical security for your goods. Trust us to optimize your supply chain, ensuring safe and timely delivery of your products. Contact us today for hassle-free warehousing solutions.

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